Great News for EV Chat Forum Members

I said I was looking for a way for EV Chat to continue… well I have some great news!

Paul Mullett runs a great general ev forum called Speak EV… He has kindly agreed to take over ownership of the domain and forum and then migrate the EV Chat posts into Speak EV.

In my opinion this is a great result for us all. The combined knowledge of all the posts to will now be retained in Speak EV but it will be in a new, fresh environment with new forum software and a new owner.

This is about the best result I could have imagined for I hope you agree and I highly recommend that everyone gets behind Paul and Speak EV to make it the best general EV forum on the Internet!

If you were a member of EV Chat and not yet a member of Speak EV your membership will be carried across. If you are a member of Speak EV already then Paul will merge your accounts. It may take a few days to get it all sorted and iron out any gremlins but please bear with him and it  will all get sorted out soon.

I am really grateful to Paul for taking this on. I was sad EV Chat had to close but now at least nothing will be lost and the great community can be retained.

I really enjoyed your company and chat on EV Chat and I hope to meet you all on Speak EV.

BTW Just so you know… I am not involved in administration of Speak EV so I probably won’t be able to help with admin issues. You are always welcome to ask though… as with any topic really 🙂

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