Great News! Nissan Charger in Plymouth now 24/7

Ever since Vospers of Plymouth had their rapid charger installed it has been like most Nissan dealers… available only during office hours. In fact, again like many other dealers, they have kept the charger locked out of hours and the barrier down preventing access. Also, they have set up the charger to need a RFID card which was kept in the dealership.

This seems to have now changed.

They now seem to be leaving the barrier up out of hours allowing access to the charger and they have changed the set up of the charger to no longer need the RFID card. This means that the charger is now available 24/7.

Assuming that they continue in this way this is great news as it provides a 24/7 link between the Ecotricity chargers at Exeter and the one at Cornwall Services meaning that there is an electric highway now all the way to Land’s End.

So, if any electric car drivers were considering a break here is deepest Cornwall then now it looks like you can… providing the chargers remain operational which is a bit of risk given the reliability of Ecotricity chargers recently.

If you need any further info then Vospers are available on 01752 636363… or you can always get in touch with me and if I can help then I will 🙂

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