Home Automation is not easy right now

I posted yesterday that good progress was being made with the Home Automation but today it took a turn in a different direction.

Tomorrow we have a Yale Keyfree Connected lock installed onto our front door. This lock is z-wave compatible and so it is controllable via my z-wave controller. My controller is openHAB with a Aeon Z-Stick S2 so I thought being open source it would most likely not have any trouble with the lock. I was wrong!

I did some research today in preparation for tomorrow and I have discovered that openHAB does not support z-wave controlled locks. They use a security protocol that is not yet implemented in openHAB. I was gutted. I have built the system around the core functionality of being able to control the house external doors via z-wave.  This is where the biggest justification for the system lies… in additional security and easy of use.

So I am now having to take a different route.

There are some z-wave controllers that do implement the SECURITY commands but they are all commercial. Homeseer HS3 does but that is £250. The next best solution seems to be the Vera Edge. It is a very respected and capable Home Automation controller and it implements the protocols needed for the lock, but it is less easy to integrate with Open Energy Monitor and MQTT brokers.

So I have ordered a Vera Edge. It may be a temporary solution until openHAB (or openHAB2 as it might be by then) implement the lock protocols. In the meantime I shall keep openHAB up and running and it can be my interface to OEM and while I am using the Vera Edge for the bulk of the system I shall be looking for a solution that means I can use openHAB for everything.

I have a few ideas but I won’t tell you about them just yet until I have determined they actually work.

Frustrating but exciting times!

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