House Hunt Is A Struggle

After many months of searching we still haven’t found a house to buy.

The real problem is that we have a list of must haves, likes and dislikes and they seem to conflict. If we find a house with the things we like then it nearly always has the things we don’t like.

For example… we want a fast broadband connection but want to be a bit out of town. That is a conflict that no amount of searching can resolve. While this particular point might be overcome by subscribing to satellite broadband (not cheap but might work) other similar conflicts cannot.

I think this might turn out to be a long search.

We have now lost our original buyers now too, which in some ways, isn’t too serious. There are other buyers and rather than have them holding on and getting increasingly frustrated it is better they buy somewhere else and leave us to search without the pressure of wanting to keep them on board. Anyway, house prices are rising (not by much but they are going up and not down) and so who knows? Our next buyer might be willing/able to pay more than our last one.

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