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We have been in our current house in Saltash, Cornwall, for about 7 years and it is time for a move so over the past few months we have been searching. Our house went up for sale a couple of months ago and so started the hunt for somewhere new to base the Churchley/Buswell life!

So things are moving on. It is still not a completely done deal so I cannot post details just yet but we have found a house we want and we have a buyer for ours so we have started to think about what we want from our new home. I cannot give specifics yet as the contracts are not yet exchanged and it wouldn’t be fair on any of the parties involved but these are the kinds of things we will be thinking about for our next home…

Our next house will almost certainly have oil or LPG heating and so I would like to be in a position to remove the oil/LPG heating system altogether and to make the house all electricity facilitated by the following:

  • Solar PV
    I think I will be aiming for a 4kw PV solar array. Although I haven’t yet looked at this closely I am thinking that a ground array would be preferable to a roof array. It is easier to maintain and install and it can be cleaned and kept clear of snow in winter.
  • Solar Thermal
    This has to be considered when looking at creating an energy efficient house.
  • Wind Turbine
    I am currently considering a 4kw-6kw turbine but again it is very early days as far as research goes but thoughts at the moment are probably a vertical turbine rather than a traditional horizontal mount. Vertical turbines work better where the wind is more variable and they can be a little quieter… not that I expect it to be too noisy for either us or neighbours no matter what I get! I still have no idea about planning permission etc so more on this later.
  • Heat Pumps
    My initial thoughts were a ground source heat pump (GSHP) but I still have more investigation to do regarding those and air sourced heat pumps (ASHP) too so this will be assessed more when we have a full energy survey done at the new property.
  • Insulation
    Clearly, it is a waste of time improving the efficiency of the heating if you are throwing it all away with bad insulation. We must get the current house up to the best that is sensibly possible before anything else happens through insulation and draught-proofing. That will probably be one of the first tasks on moving in.

This will be quite a challenge at any house we buy but I believe it would be possible to do it with a sensible pay-back time period. We might be able to fund some of it with the Green Deal loan scheme but again that requires more investigation.

More on all this as I investigate further and as the sale proceeds.

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