House Update

We have been in our new house a month now and we are all unboxed and tidy… Yeh! Right! But we will be all sorted by Christmas I am sure!

Apart from the obvious of settling in we have had a new patio paid to take the new hot tub… a retirement treat to us both. We haven’t had a day yet when we haven’t used it… even in the rain!

The solar PV system is ordered. We are having an 8.4kWp system split 50/50 over our E/W roof. It is a massive roof and absolutely perfect for solar. We have gone for 24 x SunPower 350W panels, a 6kW SolarEdge inverter with SolarEdge optimisers. For now there is no battery but that will come early next year when we will be one of the first to get the new SolarEdge battery. Can’t wait.

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Not a lot more to report. It is busier than ever now that we have retired. Crazy!

4 thoughts on “House Update”

    1. No. The VAT rules changed on the 1st October. That differential no longer exists. It is 20% VAT (with some exceptions) for both solar and battery regardless of whether they are installed together or not. I am one of the exceptions so will only pay 5% VAT on both.

      The SolarEdge battery isn’t yet launched in the UK. I will be one of the launch customers for my installer.

      1. Excellent, I look forward to reading more, I am deciding with binning my P85D and getting a M3P or keeping the P85D and getting a powerwall.

        1. Interesting choices. Let me know what you decide. For me though there would be no choice to make… if the P85D is meeting your needs and you are still happy with it then the Powerwall will reduce your import of electricity and give you a backup in case of power cut. That last point was a factor for me as we are prone to cuts in this area.

          What happened to V2G? It seems to have gone very quiet. If V2G was available and at a sensible price then that would make my decision to get a compatible EV instead, or even as well as, a battery for the house.

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