I Give UP

Well, I have given it a decent shot… I give up on Cryptohopper… for now.

Clearly I don’t have a good strategy for this market. Whenever my hopper buys Bitcoin it continues on down and I end up very quickly 5% or more down within minutes. I don’t seem to be able to find the right settings to allow the price to continue to fall before it buys.

OK, the market is so erratic at the moment that in all likelihood the price will recover in a day or two so that my loss is only theoretical. But it rather defeats the entire object of me using Cryptohopper and the entire point of me trading; to benefit from the ups and downs.

So as of today I am no longer using Cryptohopper and I am seriously wondering if I at all want the emotional highs and lows that mirror the price action highs and lows. It has been fun and I am glad I did it but now is the time to pull the plug I feel.

For now though, I have 1 Bitcoin that won’t go into profit until the price hits 10,800… it could be a long wait!

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