I love Cryptohopper

I realise that I am not a professional trader. Not only am I just a beginner but my trades are small. With small trades come small profits. So how can I afford Cryptohopper, which at it’s lowest subscription level, is about £20pm? As I have discovered… how can I trade without it?

That’s right… I wish I had found Cryptohopper right at the start. It not only takes away much of the stress and time spent at the computer but it tracks your investments all the time giving you a current and up-to-date statement of your positions whenever you want it. Every trade is tracked until sold meaning you can see at any time just where your trading stands. I love it!

It is so successful with me that I have already decided that if I am to trade at all then it is with Cryptohopper or not at all. Even if you don’t want to let Cryptohopper buy and sell on your behalf you can still use it to great effect by doing your buying and selling manually through Cryptohopper. That way you don’t have to manually track whether you are in profit for every trade.

OK… so I am gushing a bit. Sorry. But it really has transformed my trading experience. not to mention meant that I no longer to have to worry about selling at a profit. It makes sure I only sell when my target profit level is reached. Of course… it is only doing what you tell it to do so it still requires you to understand technical analysis and to set up the buying and selling strategy yourself. But it you are trading manually you have to do that anyway… it is just that Cryptohopper will execute your strategy consistently and when you are not at the computer.

On the point of 24/7 running… I am not yet convinced of the benefit of trading at the weekend. On the one had most trading is done Monday – Friday but there have been several very significant price moves at the weekend recently. I think that, on balance, it is too risky to trade at the weekend as so I will be Mon-Fri only from now on.

BTW I am trading only on RSI at the moment and it is working out so far but it is early days.

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