If it ain’t broke…

Today has been hard work.

Firstly I must apologise to everyone that uses my web and email services. I started out this morning just needing to fix a small issue with one of my web sites and as a result of rather optomistic and over-enthusiastic upgrades to the server I found myself in a position where the only sensible course of action was a complete server rebuild.

That in itself is not normally an issue. I have done it many times before. I have the backups and so I didn’t think twice about proceeding with the rebuild. However, I then compounded the issue by making another decision – while I am having to rebuild anyway I could rebuild using a different flavour of operating system.

NOTE: For the techies amongst you… I was running CentOS 6.5, I changed to Ubuntu 12.04. BIG MISTAKE! Not that there is anything wrong with Ubuntu. Far from it. It can do everything CentOS can do. The issue was that I didn’t know Ubuntu whereas I have years of experience with RedHat/CentOS… my bad!

So, I rebuilt the server and all looked great except that some of my domains were not processing email. AAAGH! Rather than just immediately revert back to the previous system I persevered trying to fix it but my inexperience with Ubuntu made it more difficult than it should have been. I needed to fix it and so I eventually did decide to just give up on Ubuntu and revert back to the original server set up.

That final rebuild worked as it has done before and as I knew it would… but 3 hours later than it should have.


The good thing is that no important data was lost. My backup processes worked and worked well and I am proud of that. However, in future, I shall need to be less enthusiastic to tinker with live servers.

The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind and today was a wake-up call for me to heed that advice.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂

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