In New House a Month

I have been quiet on the blog over the past month as we settle in to our new house but to be honest I can’t see the blog getting much priority for many months more yet.

However, that won’t mean no posts at all only that I will blog whenever I get the time.

We are trying to organise the following:

  • New kitchen and utility room
  • New ensuite and bathroom
  • Quotes for solar PV
  • Quote to get a better electric supply to the garage
  • Design and get installed car charging
  • Find central heating installer to install smart heating (Heat Genius)

All that whilst running a house that is nearly twice as big on the inside and grounds that are 3-4 times as big. I am finding it all quite hard work at the moment but I am sure that one the big jobs are sorted then it will become more manageable.

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