Inspired by Robert Llewellyn & David Peilow

In case you missed it… yesterday, Robert Llewellyn and David Peilow drove a Nissan Leaf from Marble Arch, London to Edinburgh. They wanted to do it in a single day as a response and in contrast to a trip done by BBC reporter Brian Milligan 3 years ago in a Mini E. The Mini E trip took 4 days with overnight stops. David wanted to show just how much electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure have come on since that trip in 2011.

Read about the Mini E trip of 2011 here:

Yesterday’s trip was a great success and they completed the trip in 13.5 hrs but with lots of chat and a bit of PR on the way. They believe that trip could easily have been done in 11-12 hrs with less chatting on the way.

I wanted to do the trip with David and Robert but it just wasn’t practical. There is only one charger at each location and so having 2 cars to charge at each location would have just slowed down the whole trip. So I stayed at home.

However, it occurred to me that the car they used for the trip was a brand new Mk2 Nissan Leaf. They had no issues with range but how would my older, Mk1, 2011 Leaf with 22,000 miles on the clock fare. This is a question that many people that ask if they are considering buying a secondhand Nissan Leaf… will the older battery and no heat pump make this kind of longer trip any more difficult? In fact… will I be able to complete the trip at all?

I intend to answer that question.

Next week I shall be retracing Robert’s and David’s route from London to Edinburgh. I shall try to stick to their route and timings as best I can so a close comparison of average speed and charging time can be made. Will the Mk1 Leaf with 22k old battery have the range to be able to do all the legs? Will it need longer charging times because I need more power and so will it be able to keep to the same schedule?

This is not going to be an exact comparison as I may have different traffic and weather conditions and I probably have a different driving style to David and Robert. However, I think the figures will be a close enough comparison to be useful.

I will not be looking for or expecting any publicity for the trip but if anyone fancies following me I shall be twittering and I was so impressed with Glympse yesterday so I shall set up Glympse so people can see where I am on route. If anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee while I charge then that would be great!

More details later 🙂

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