Installation Day is Looming

Well our solar PV system is installed next Tuesday.

There has been further discussion over how many panels we can fit and we have reluctantly had to agree that 10 x 240w panels is the very most we can fit in the space available. I was hoping for at least 14!

Still, 10 x 240w gives us a 2.4kWp system and that is a sensible sized system. Payback should be in about 8 years.

So, we have 3 areas of roof 2 with 3 panels each and one with 4 panels. They are fitting a stacker inverter so each section of roof will effectively have its own inverter although there are no shading issues so it isn’t as important.

The panels that are installing are Phono Solar 240w panels. I won’t know the inverter until next week.

Photos and more details of the install next week.

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