Joining WAVE 2014 – As Co-Driver!

For those that don’t know what WAVE is… it is a rally of about 1600km
over 8 days starting in Stuttgart, Germany, driving through Germany,
Austria and Switzerland and ending near Zurich. It is open only to
battery vehicles and motorbikes.

From the web site…

WAVE – World Advanced Vehicle Expedition is going to start on 30. May
2014 and be the world’s largest electric vehicle rally, leading from
Baden-Württemberg via Bavaria to the Alps in 10 days with 50 – 70
participating teams from all over the world. The WAVE aims to show that
electric mobility powered by renewable energies is available and a great
solution for our future mobility

So, it isn’t just a drive. You stop several times a day, to charge
yes, but at each stop the drivers are hosted by a local organisation (school,
business etc) where we hold PR-type events promoting EVs. It is a fun and exciting way to promote Electric transport.

Route of WAVE 2014
Courtesy of Zero Race GMBH

When I first heard about WAVE I was overcome with a sense of “I must do that”. It was one of those irrational moments we all have from time to time but then reality kicked in. It would mean first finding a co-driver as all vehicles muct have 2 persons int he team, driving the Leaf to Stuttgart in time for the start, driving the event which requires an ability to drive 120km on a single charge and between 150-260km a day, and then drive back home from Zurich! Phew!

I decided that this wasn’t a task I really wanted to take on. There are options to possibly hire and EV to cut out the driving to and from but that didn’t appeal.

Then someone told me of a Tesla Roadster owner that was looking for a co-driver and all of a sudden it looked possible without the hassle and huge extra costs of getting there and back in my own car. Not only that, I would be co-driver and not main driver/team leader, so I could concentrate on the non-driving aspects that I so much enjoy.

I contacted the owner concerned, realised immediately that we would get on well and had very similar views and objectives regarding EVs, and we are now teamed up. Him as owner, driver and team leader and me as co-driver, team photographer, web site manager, looking after all social media interactions for the team, blog writer etc.I won’t do much of the driving but I am more than happy just to be there and involved.

Already we have a team web site in development. It is nearly finished and when it is we will announce the team name and the name of the driver so watch this space (as they say!).

So, This will be a fantastic trip. Promoting EVs, talking to public and media, taking part in challenge events and of course… having fun doing it!

I am hoping to be twittering and blogging every day and if I can find a sensibly priced data plan on a mobile sim I shall also have Glympse up and running throughout the trip you you will be able to track our progress through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Alps in real time for the 10 days.

I have booked flights to Zurich!

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