Kraków, Poland

Just back from a fantastic week in Kraków, Poland.


As I’m just about to start my Open University studies I used last week as my last chance to travel before I get stuck into my books. I have not been to Poland before and didn’t really know what to expect but what a super place… Modern, friendly, interesting… A great city break location.img_2377



img_2348Kraków is about img_2358one hour from Auschwitz and while there I took the opportunity to visit. It was a very emotional day and I do not wish to say any more about it other than this: if you get the chance to visit then please do – the memory of what happened must be kept alive out of respect and to ensure that such atrocities can never happen again.img_2349img_2345






img_2398A lot of good food was eaten and vodka drunk and I now feel set up for the studies ahead.

I definitely want to return.

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