Leaf Spy – Information is King!

Nissan Leaf Main Driver Display
Battery Temp on Left / Battery SOC and Range Estimate on Right

The information available on the Mk1 Nissan Leaf is rather limited. There is no accurate battery state of charge indication on the Mk1. On the Mk2 the SOC (state of charge) is available as a percentage but on the Mk1 the only way to determine the battery SOC is by using the bars on the right of the main driver’s display. This is graduated into 12 bars so the accuracy is limited to 1/12 increments. To make matters worse the bars appear not to be linear making an accurate assessment of the remaining battery charge difficult.

Fear not! Leaf Spy to the rescue!

Leaf Spy main display
On Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phone

Leaf Spy is a mobile phone app for Android. It can show the battery SOC% and a whole load of other stuff to do with the battery. It gets the information from a Bluetooth dongle that is plugged into the diagnostic port under the steering wheel. This is the OBD2 (On Board Display 2) port and it is normally used by garages for diagnostics. We can use it to tap into the various bits of information available on the car network… or CAN bus.

Using the dongle and the Leaf Spy we can get much more accurate information as our journey progresses. Info like:

Battery SOC%
Battery GIDs
Power used on trip
Power added on charge
Battery temperature
Battery voltage as a whole and per cell pair
Estimated range with current charge

I will be using Leaf Spy for this trip and I will be taking a screen shot of the Leaf Spy data screen at the end of each leg. If I get the chance I shall include the screenshot on a Twitter post before I start the next leg.

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