Little Chef and POLAR… let's not be too hasty

Clearly I am no fan of POLAR but I feel that I have been “upping the ante” when I really feel that I shouldn’t. I make no secret that I don’t like the POLAR business model but on the plus side they are installing charging stations on a grand scale and although they are not really the right kind (slower AC instead of faster DC) they are charging stations that we wouldn’t have without them.

I really can’t see myself subscribing to POLAR unless the pricing was absolutely right because I mostly do local trips and when I go further afield I want fast DC charging. However, 32A charging does have its place and so I feel that there is a place for POLAR and other slower charge networks.

My problem with POLAR is solely focused on the membership scheme model. People don’t want to pay up front for charging they may not, and probably won’t, use. They don’t want RFID cards.  If only POLAR could tailor their subscriptions though to a light user, that is upgradeable if more use is made of the network, say £5 a month for up to 5 charges? I suggest that most EV drivers would also consider it. I would probably subscribe to that. I don’t like RFID cards and membership schemes at all but if POLAR are going to continue down this route then it needs to be more tailored to the light user as the vast majority of their subscribers will be just that.

So POLAR, I put it to you that I actually support your network in principle but your pricing and attitude are all wrong. Listen to EV drivers, your customers, and make it a more attractive offering to the light user and you could be on to a winner!

Imagine… a POLAR network that everyone wants to join… interesting. I could imagine it but not with the current pricing model.

Note: I would like to thank Will Dron and Transport Evolved, for suggesting that we should not be too hasty. POLAR does have some merits and with the right fee charging structure it could be a success IMO but it will need a complete make-over of their pricing structure and a change in their attitude towards the EV driver.

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