Little Chef Lunch Meeting

There is a lunch on 1st November with one of the exec’s at RCapital, the owners of Little Chef, to discuss EV charging infrastructure.

I was going to attend this lunch as I believe that with the types of trips that I have done I could add my opinion to the mix in the hope that we could convince them to install some fast chargers at Little Chef restaurants.

I would urge everyone who wants to attend this lunch to contact the PR company holding the event at and get an invite… I am sure they want all our opinions.

When I asked to be invited I didn’t know that it was going to be public and so I thought that I should attend to give at least my opinion but now that Little Chef have put out the invitation publically and that there are now many EV owners going there is little need for me to attend and as I have a significant journey from Cornwall I will now not be attending.

I think that Little Chef have a big opportunity here. Like most EV drivers, I am happy to pay for a fast charge. For me a reasonable amount would be £5 to 80% on the Nissan Leaf. That would get me 60 miles on most days and so would be cheaper than an ICE but convenient when needed.

The model I would like to see is for Little Chef to install 7kW slow chargers at ALL Little Chef Restaurants and make them free to customers. But alongside, install 50kW fast chargers on all main routes at intervals of no more than 75 miles apart. This would give all EV drivers access to charging whilst eating/drinking at a Little Chef but for a small fee, say £5 added to the bill, you could fast charge to 80% and be on your way inside 30 mins. This would then allow EV drivers to make long trips by hopping between fast chargers at Little Chefs. At each stop Little Chef would make a food/drink sale as well as significantly bolstering their image.

The PR on this could be huge for Little Chef.

I will be suggesting this model via letter to Little Chef.

I am asking you only to attend the lunch if you can but if you cannot attend then why not put your ideas in an email and send it to Little Chef at

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