Little Chef – received my POLAR card

I received my POLAR card yesterday as a result of me registering when I used the Little Chef network for the first time.

This is what the accompanying letter says:

Dear Mr Churley (they got my name wrong!!!),

Thank you for your interest in using the Little Chef, POLAR network public charge posts.

Enclosed is your personal POLAR network membership card. This will allow you access to the Little Chef EV charging points.

You have 12 free charges courtesy of POLAR, Little Chef and SSE, within a twelve month period.

After the eleventh month we will contact you to ask if you would like to become a POLAR network subscriber.

Blah, Blah, Blah!

I have to say that this is a huge disappointment. Why limit what is always going to be a short charge to just 12 times. It cannot be costing them much and to limit it like this is always going to do nothing but alienate the very people they are trying to win as customers.

I shall use their 12 charges but I can honestly say that I cannot see many people taking them up on their offer of a subscription after the 12 chargers/12 months.

I appeal to Little Chef, ChargeMaster and SSE… please do as you implied that you would do and offer this service unlimited for 12 months and then you might get some goodwill from EV drivers. If you don’t then I fear that all your hard work and cash, no matter how well-meant, will be a complete waste.

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