London 2012 Olympics – Games Makers & Volunteering

The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics will require about 70,000 volunteers to make the games a success. These volunteers are called Games Makers and I have volunteered to be a Games Maker.

I will be recording my experience here on my blog as I go through the selection process and then on into the games themselves if I am successful.

In addition, I have started a new web site just for the 2012 Games Makers community… it is (this site is not associated with London 2012 or the LOCOG in any way). The site isn’t live yet but I will be creating it in the next few days. It will provide a central focus for Games Makers to gather online and to share their experiences as they too go through selection, during and after the games.

So, my 2012 journey started a few weeks ago when I applied via the official web site at . I have requested that I be given a role in communications, information management or other web or technology related area. They are going to try to match people with skills to suitable roles but as a Games Maker I could be allocated any role anywhere and I have to accept that. I do of course… it will be a huge honour and great fun to be a part of the games no matter what role I am given but I do feel I have some very specific skills that they might want to use.

Applications have now closed for Games Makers and there were over 240,000 applicants for just 70,000 roles! People are keen to be a part of this exciting event.

So, over the next few months they will be sorting out those applications and at some stage I will hear if I am to be given an interview. The next couple of years will be a very exciting and busy time if we are all to maximise the benefit of this opportunity.

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