Motorway or not?

In the early days of my ownership of the Nissan Leaf I was very cautious os using motorways. The higher speed was hurting range and if I did get it wrong there were no options. Until now.

My trip to Gateshead showed me something that I suppose I should have been able to work out for myself… but didn’t. It showed that motorways can often be the best option as far as range goes. The constant up and down as smaller roads take the more direct route may have resulted in less miles but the hills just killed the range dead.

In fact, I am now changing my route planning to include motorways if possible. Yes it might take a few extra miles but it will probably have fewer steep hills and so may be the better option.

This is good news for me here in Cornwall as I loong for ways to easily get out of Devon and Cornwall to do longer trips. A new Nissan dealer at Bristol combined with an Ecotricity charge point at Sedgemoor Services on the M5 and then again at Michael Wood Services, Dursley will mean getting to Birmingham will be easy in a single day.

Now all I need is something between Wincanton and London and I can then do the trip to London without the silly diversion to Southampton just so I can use a fast charger.

It is starting to come together.

2 thoughts on “Motorway or not?”

  1. Paul, Have you found that you need a fast charging cable at Welcome Break services? I pulled in today at J2 M42 and found a ecotricity point with 2 sockets. 1 was a standard 3 pin which took my Lead portable cable, the other was I presume a fast charge socket but didn't have a cable.

  2. Hi Martin. I don't have a Mennekes cable yet to charge at 16A at Ecotricity and Little Chef charge stations but I will be getting one in the new year. To be honest, being able to charge at 16A is a help but it is hardly fast charging! I can't see myself using 16A charging much because most of the time I am either driving locally, in which case my charging at home overnight is usually adequate, or I am on a long trip in which case I need DC rapid charging. Don't get me wrong… I am not saying that they are not worth having but they are of very limited use.

    Whether it is worth the £200 for a 16A Mennekes cable or not is a personal choice people will have to make but I am getting one just so I have the option!

    I hope that makes sense 🙂

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