Moving the Caravan

We have been reassessing our caravan usage and come the the conclusion that we would like it to be permanently located on a site where we can visit with the Nissan Leaf electric car and tour locally just using electricity.

So we have booked to go in to Bath Chew Valley caravan site for the rest of the winter season and hopefully next summer too (if they have space for us!).

This is very exciting. We will easily be able to get to Bath Chew Valley in the Nissan Leaf with a single fast charge at Exeter and the site have agreed to allow us to charge meaning we can use the Leaf for touring locally. Well, I say locally but in reality being based just south of Bath and Bristol we can easily reach south Wales or even the south coast (via Wincanton). Birmingham is in easy reach and so is Oxford with a hour or so charge at Membury services (thanks to Ecotricity!).

If we like having the caravan permanently located it then frees us up to sell the Freelander and replace it with a hybrid or even a 2nd EV… we’ll see and the jury is still out on whether we need a hybrid for longer trips. Perhaps not.

We move at the start of December.

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