My Electric Car Diary

I have been thinking for a while about keeping a diary detailing my daily driving experiences in my Nissan Leaf and so I have decided to actually do it.

It starts today.

All my diary entries will have the tag “diary” so if you just want to follow the diary entries just click on the tag on the right.

I am hoping that it gives you an idea of just what it is like to live with a electric car, specifically a Nissan Leaf, from day to day.

I will try to write the diary entry in the evening once I have finished using the car for the day but sometimes I will have to write it up the next day. I will twitter each entry so you don’t have to keep returning to see if I have written the next entry or you could just subscribe to the blog.

As always, I encourage you to comment your own thoughts… 

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog 🙂

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