New House – Two Months In

This are going pretty well here at Churchley Buswell  Villas but not all plain sailing though.

I am pleased to report that we are completely out of boxes. Everything is stored somewhere even if not in its final resting place. At least most things are not findable.

We have a number of major projects we want to complete pretty quickly. The windows are 27 years old and need replacing which is happening either next week or the week after. The heating is working but needs improving and that is happening next week. We want solar panels which again is happening next week. the garden hasn’t had much done to it for 3 or 4 years and that is ongoing but we have made a start. Nearly all the light bulbs are now LED and as all the carpets are beige I have bought a carpet cleaner which so far is proving well worth the effort.

Old Consumer Unit

As part of next week’s solar PV installation we are having a new consumer unit installed and along with that I shall be preparing the way for properly installing Open Energy Monitor and Home Automation. I have temporarily installed the OEM for house power monitoring and it shows we aren’t using that much more electricity than we did at our last house which consider this one is nearly twice the size is pretty good. Once we have the systems in place I would hope to get our gas and electricity use down a lot further yet.

Yale Smart Locks

Part of the window installation is installing new external doors and we have decided to go for a keyless system. On all our external doors we are having the Yale Smart Digital Locks fitted. No more keys and with the z-wave module we can incorporate the door locks into the home automation making leaving the house and arriving back home more secure and easier.

Most things it seems in this house are original and 27 years old so needless to say we have lots to do. We have had the kitchen designers in and we are awaiting their first draft design. I don’t suppose we will get the kitchen installed before the new year now.

All bathrooms need work. We are having the main bedroom ensuite remodelled with a wet-room shower and proper handrails for Sally (she had difficulty getting about now with her back issues). This will probably wait now until next year.

Garden Leaves
Garden Leaves

The garden needs so much. All the hedges need lopping and facing off. 6 or 7 trees need to be totally removed as they are shutting out our light into the house and also encroaching on the drains. The fence along the back is rotting from years of neglect so sections of that need replacing. At least the grass and leaves are under control with me making good use of the mower and leaf vac!

So there we are. All in and pretty much settled but with loads and loads still to do. It is quite likely that this will be our last move so we want to spend time getting our changes right so there is no rush… so we keep telling ourselves!

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