New POLAR Home Charging Station

Old Pod Point Home Charge Station

2 years ago, when we first bought our Nissan Leaf, we had installed a 32A home charging station. It was a Pod Point Home Pod and it cost us over £1000! After 2 years of every day use it has started to show signs of failing and so we decided to replace it with a home charging station from British gas and POLAR. These stations are free of charge at the moment as they are government funded.

The order process was pretty painless. We completed the on line form and then spoke to a British Gas representative that called us after a few days. Installation was booked for 2 weeks later.

When the British Gas engineer arrived he checked the O2 mobile phone signal to determine if it was strong enough. The free stations require that we allow data collection for 3 years and that is by O2 mobile so if the signal is too weak they will not install for free.

New British Gas/POLAR Charge Station

Our signal was fine and so he set about removing the old Pod Point station and installing the new one.

It was a very painless process. He removed the old station, installed the new one in the same location and then installed a new and separate small consumer unit which contained the RCD and 20A MCB for the 16A station.

All in all it took just 3 hours or so and I am very happy with the result.

One of the benefits of installing a POLAR unit is that each time I charge using either the home station or the POLAR public charge network it is recorded at ChargeMaster and I can review it all on line. Cool!

There are a lot of companies offering free home charging stations at the moment but I would recommend British Gas and POLAR… it didn’t cost me a penny, the job was quick and clean and anyone can get it – you do not need to own or even be interested in electric cars. Make your home EV ready with a free charging station from British Gas/POLAR.

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