New Year Blues

I just wanted to post a quick blog entry to say that the EV Route Planner is not forgotten. In fact, I have about 4 other projects which I am working on at the moment and so it is difficult to find time to fit them all in but please rest assured… it is not forgotten 🙂

In fact, one of the other projects is connected in that I am about to review all 2462 UK OCM location entries to ensure that they have top quality data.

So… EV Zone and EV Route Planner in the mornings, OCM in the afternoons for the next month… should keep me off the streets!

In fact, a few other things that are on the agenda over the next week or two… I have dentist tomorrow to correct a bad bite after a filling before Christmas… I give blood this week (assuming they let me as I have the dentist!), I resume tennis this week, I have 2 cars to clean, the house windows need cleaning, I have 2 model helicopters that need repair then selling, I have golf clubs that have to be sold… so apart from that I should have plenty of time for other stuff!!!

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