Nissan Leaf Courtesy Light Upgrade to LED

Considering that the Nissan Leaf is a state-of-the-art (well nearly!) electric car there are some things that are really 1970’s tech and rather let the car down. One of those is the internal courtesy light… you know, the one that comes on when you open the door. It is dim. It is dull. It reeks of 1970s. Time for an upgrade to the 21st century!

I ordered one of these:


BA9S Car Interior Lamp 48 SMD1210 LED White Light Panel T10 Dome Bulb Adapter DR

It is a simple replacement for the courtesy light bulb but an LED panel. I bought it from eBay and it came from China. A bit of a risk I know but at £1.38 I thought it was worth a punt!

20151207_102813It arrived about 2 weeks later and this is what I got… exactly what was expected… an LED panel and 3 adapters.
Before I installed it I thought I’d do a test to see just how good the LEDs on the panel 20151207_103950were so I hooked it up to a desk variable power supply and put some power through to see how it performed.

So starting at 6V when nothing happened I started increasing the voltage by 100mV at a time. At about 7V the LEDs were all alight but rather inconsistently… but by at about 7.3V all the LEDs were lit evenly.


20151207_180242After that increasing the voltage just increased the brightness until at about 12.8V when it was so bright it light my workshop as if the main light was on.

This is a bright beasty and it should look great in the car… so time to install into my Nissan Leaf.

Fitting is dead easy and can be done without removing anything but to show the steps I removed the courtesy light unit. Fitting should take just a few minutes.

Just pop out the courtesy light unit from the roof. It just gently levers off with a screwdriver. It will then hang from the connector.


If you want to remove it then use a small screwdriver to depress the catch on the connector and remove the light unit completely. Otherwise just carry on with it in place.

Remove the plastic lens cover. This is easily done with a small screwdriver by gently levering back the two clips as in the pic. Remove the lens cover and set aside.



Remove the existing bulb.

Insert the adapter into the bulb holder from the back pushing the connector through. Make sure you insert it with the polarity shown in the pic.



Connect the adapter to the LED panel making sure you connect the red/red and black/black.

Peel off the sticky back and stick the LED panel to the light unit ensuring that the loose wire pokes through to the inside and that the switch is not snagged.


Replace lens unit.


Plug the connector in the roof back into the light unit and test. If it doesn’t work check that the polarity is correct on the adapter at both ends.


Push light unit back into roof.


Job done :)

Whole thing took about 10 mins.

This £1.38 upgrade is without doubt the best value for money update I have done to anything!

8 thoughts on “Nissan Leaf Courtesy Light Upgrade to LED”

    1. Hi Barry, I don’t know. I agree, the boot could be brighter. It will depend on whether the size of the fitting would allow installation of the LED board. I know some peope have replaced the standard bulb with a LED version of the bulb instead of the LED board. I shall take a look.

  1. Thanks for this, very easy to follow I was also able to get it done in 10 mins or so. It is now very bright! Now onto those DRLs…

  2. Just spent 20 mins in the car with this LED cabin light on, while turning it off I noticed it is extremely hot to the point it burns/hurts your hand if you touch the plastic housing for the light. I suppose the light is unlikely to be left on for several hours, but if you did I wonder if it would burn through the plastic housing.

    Weird as I thought LED omitted almost no heat.

    Perhaps the factory fitted lights are the same/worse, but I thought I would point it out as it seems a bit unsafe.

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