5 thoughts on “Nissan Leaf Owners Club (UK)”

    1. I bought a Leaf in 2017. I’ve been searching for an owners club, and just for a moment thought that I had found one. For information, there is an active UK Nissan Leaf Facebook group.

      1. I started The Nissan Leaf Owners Club ages go. But there was so little interest or support I shut it down. I don’t know if it would be more supported now… perhaps. Perhaps I’ll have another go 🙂

  1. Hello Paul

    I think you were just ahead of your time.

    I’m sure it has now reached a critical mass and I think the demand for a club / meets would now be there.

    I was just searching for an owners’ club and could find nothing as yet.

    1. Hi Peter, I am not sure that there are sufficient numbers of Nissan Leafs, or any EVs for that matter, to support an owners club. In any case, I no longer own a Leaf so I would not be interested. Having said that, I could imagine a Tesla Owners Club or even a BMW i3 owners club being successful. They are generally owned by people will a higher disposable income and so they might consider it worth paying to be a member if the benefits were worthwhile.

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