Nissan Vehicle to Home Power Supply

nissan-v2hNissan has announce what seems to be yet another innovation. A system which allows the battery in a Nissan Leaf to power the home at times of peak electricity.

This is surely a great idea. Charge up the car overnight when electricity is cleaner and cheaper and then use that power when not using the car to supply to home at peak times thereby reducing the load on the grid.

However, I questions at the moment I doubt that they would be legal or safe in the UK and possibly in Europe. I haven’t studied the specs but all devices that can put power into the grid must comply with the G83 specifications. These require that the device disconnects from the grid if there is a power failure.

The reason for G83 is that if the grid is powered down for maintenence then there could be people working on the grid. If devices such as this one, solar and wind inverters etc, are pumping power into the grid then the people working would be at serious risk.

The irony is that at the very time when you would imagine the solar PV system or this vehicle to home system would be most useful, when there is a power cut, these devices shut down!

I hope that they are introduced in the UK but almost certainly that would mean them being G83 compliant.

The other issue is one of isolation. By that I mean that as with solar PV inverters the car would be connected to the house wiring circuit probably between the meter and the consumer unit or at the consumer unit itself. The car could then supply power to the house but as with solar, the house is connected to the grid. What stops this device from supplying power to the rest of the grid?

Clearly these questions will have already been thought about and it is just my lack of detailed knowledge that means I don’t know the answers but what I do know is answered they must be before this device can work in the UK. Smart meters is the real answer here. With a suitable smart meter, that is designed for car to home devices like this, these issues are resolved.

I await more details with enthusiasm.

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