Not long now!

Well, it is early September and my courses start in till three weeks so I feel it is time that I got myself organised.

20160822_165901First things first… My study. If I am going to be studying full time for three years then I need a study that is effective, comfortable, relaxing and effective and as of yet, no rooms in my house have been decorated since moving in a year ago. So there is no more excuses… I had to decorate study.

20160823_142548It only took three days but what a difference! I now have a study that I love to be in and that has to help. I’m sure that over the next year more rooms will get decorated but for now the study is an excellent start.

As part of my preparations I am looking at how I go about the actual process of studying and part of that will be a weekly review of my 20160914_140024activities. I thought it a good idea to use this blog to document those reviews. I realise that many of you will not be interested in that level of detail and so I would say simply do not read these reports. They will have their own tag and can easily be ignored. However for those that are interested in the detail of how I go about studying this could be quite an interesting read. We will see how it goes.

I am still unclear as to precisely the hours in which I will study. I am doing 120 credits per year and so that equates to 36 to 40 hours of study per week. However, being Open University, I can study at any time of day or night. I must find a routine that works but right now I can only guess at what hours I might find successful. I do know that I want to fit in a visit to the gym most days and that visit is best done between 10 o’clock and 4 o’clock to avoid peak times. So we will see how it works out.

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