Olympics Volunteer… increasing unlikely

Well, I have been looking forward to being selected as a volunteer at the Olympic Games (a Gamemaker) for ages now. I have had the interview and I was so excited about being a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, when I first applied I really didn’t consider the practicalities. No matter when I am located I will need accomodation and even the cheapest accomodation near any of the venues is looking like being rediculously pricey and now we have positioned our caravan on a seasonal pitch (permanently located) even that is no longer an option.

We will see but I suspect that when an offer is made (which I hope it will be in the next few weeks) I will have to decline unless I can find accomodation that is either cheap or free!

I am disappointed but it would then mean I can actually see some of the games on TV.

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