OMG! It is really happening…

You already know that I have registered to study full-time with the Open University. I have registered and paid and so I am now waiting for the course to start in October.

According to the OU web site the materials for my 3 modules will be sent out early September giving me a few weeks to get accustomed before the start.

Well, you can imagine my surprise today when a delivery van arrived delivering this box…


It had Open University on the outside! OMG! This must be the materials for one of my modules arriving early.

It was the materials for one of the maths modules – MST125.

Opening the box revealed a beautifully presented set of manuals, guides and course books. WOW! The OU really do produce some excellent study materials.


I haven’t had a chance to go through it all yet and in any case it is a bit too early to get stuck in just yet…. I don’t want to peak to early!

So I am now looking forward to getting the materials for MST124 & S111 and to early September when I shall properly start.

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