On The Move Again

When Tracy and I got together we lived apart, in our own houses, for quite a while but finally moved into our current house as our first home together. At that time, when we bought it over 2 years ago, I wanted a house of a similar size to the one I had before; not really ready for anything smaller. We also had Tracy’s son and daughter still needing a home base. So when we bought our current house, with its 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it made sense. Now, two years on, things are quite different!

Tracy’s son Harry has moved to the USA to do his Masters degree and it is unlikely he will return. Tracy’s daughter Pam is still at Plymouth university but is becoming more independent by the day and so needs less of a home base. Tracy and I have mostly retired and so we need less office and workshop space. In fact, we are rattling around in this house right now with just the two of us most of the time in a 5 bedroom house! Crazy!

So we have decided to “downsize” as the phrase goes.

We have been looking for ages but finally found a great house. It is in Hatt, a small hamlet just outside of Saltash, Cornwall. It is a 3 bedroom bungalow with a small garden. I think it will be perfect for us whilst still having the room for Pam and Harry should they need it.

We have a few plans for the new place… possibly doing a loft extension to move the main bedroom upstairs to make good of the views and give us the option of a utility room, adding a hot tub and, of course, solar panels and battery storage.

It is looking good for us to move on 27th August so more later on this.

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