One Week to Go!

Only a week to go until we get our new Vauxhall Ampera and we are now getting very excited.

We have not yet sold our Freelander 2 and so we have mobiled the cash needed to buy the car just in case we have not sold the Freelander before delivery.

Insurance quotes are in and looking very good for the value of the car. Admiral seem to be the best at about £250 but that includes Guaranteed NCD. I had not heard of “guaranteed” NCD before so I was rather surprised to hear that it is where they guarantee that your NCD won’t be lost regardless of how many claims you make! Cool! In fact, we like the Admiral quote so much we are also switching the insurance of our Nissan Leaf to Admiral on their Multi-Car policy.

I have been quite active on the Ampera facebook page helping people with answers to questions about the Ampera but it is strange how many people have a kind of anger towards this car. I think it is towards electric vehicles in general in many cases. Perhaps it is jealousy or just a mistrust of new technology I don’t know.

What I do know is that it is a superb car, a bit over-priced sure, but I am getting a lot of car for our money and it is a great way to reduce the amount of oil that I buy and burn.

So roll on next Wednesday.

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