Our Next EV – Perhaps?

We will be moving house at the end of august (again!) and this will mark a significant milestone in my life… it is the first house bought jointly with my lovely wife Tracy. For the past 10 or so years electric cars have been part of my life but when Sally passed away I needed a car without the restrictions enforced by an EV. With the change of house will come a change of lifestyle; more relaxed and with less pressures. I retired properly this year and this change will allow me to fully embrace the new way. The new house will have a large solar PV system with battery storage and so it makes sense to become as reliant on the free solar electricity as possible.

So I have started to look again as what electric car I might have when we look to change our car in a few years time and I have to say that of all the current offerings the Mini-E looks a good candidate. We like the style of the Mini and as it will likely still be our second car so something with the range of the Mini-E would suit us well.

In the meantime, here is a promo video of the production of the Mini-E… enjoy…

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