Plymouth to Gateshead – All Systems GO!

I have now managed to find accommodation for the Gateshead trip where I can also charge the Nissan Leaf overnight.

As mentioned in my previous post, this trip is going to take me just one extra night and cost about £100 less than if I made it with my diesel car! Well worth the effort of finding places whereI can charge!

Not only that but the owners of the B&Bs I am staying at are keen to learn about electric cars and how they can install a more purpose-built charging station so we EV drivers have proper charging facilities.

I have had no negative attitudes from proprietors, even from those where they could not offer me charging. They were still interested in finding out more and all agreed that electric vehicles are on the way and that they would need to consider the issue of charging stations soon.

So, I am ready to go. I will be leaving here on Tuesday 13th September, staying near Stroud that night. Then on to Harrogate for Wednesday night. Thursday is the day of the conference and so I will drive the 75 miles from Harrogate to Gateshead, charge whilst at the conference and then drive back to Harrogate for Thursday night, back to Stroud for the Friday night (different B&B) then home on the Saturday.

Will it work? I fully expect it to otherwise I wouldn’t attempt it but there are a number of things that could go wrong so watch this space!

You can follow the trip on Twitter @snaxmuppet. I will be doing twitter posts, pics and making audio diary entries at each of the stops and in the evenings and I will try to report on the conference as it happens throughout the Thursday.

I can’t wait!

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