Power use statistics from Robert Llewellyn’s Edinburgh trip

Robert Llewellyn has posted to his blog the power use stats for their trip to Edinburgh…


One of the objectives of my trip next week is to try to run the same route at roughly the same speed to compare power use between their new Mk2 Nissan Leaf and my nearly 3 year old, 22,000 miles, Mk1 version.

If it all works out as we are led to expect then my Mk1 should use a bit more power than a Mk2. How much more? That may be a debatable point. One thing is certain is that the heating system on a Mk2 with a heat pump is going to be about 8 miles better in range with by my reckoning is about a 8% improvement overall. But the Mk2 has many other improvements that may add up to a significant amount more than that.

So what am I expecting? Well, at a rough estimate I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the power used by my Mk1 is 10% or more than their new Mk2.

In addition, my battery is about 7% down on capacity from their new one simply because of its age and so with a 10% increase in power requirement and a 7% reduction in max range I may not even have the battery capacity to complete one or two of the legs!

It will be a very interesting trip 🙂

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