Quiet Week

Not much has happened with the EVs this week and after the 1000+ miles last weekend that is a bit of a relief!

The Ampera did a 100 miles round trip to see a friend and returned about 70mpg on that trip as I couldn’t charge at the other end.

The Leaf has done a few local trips for shopping and that is about it. I have only charged it once this week which is good as I generally like to keep it near to half charged when it isn’t being used much.

Next week the Ampera is being returned to the dealer for a couple of jobs. Firstly we lost one of the key fobs and so that is being replaced and recoded. Nearly £250!!! Secondly there is a alert that needs to be applied… something to do with the windscreen wiper seals. So I am taking it in on Tuesday. It is a 45 miles trip each way so I shall get the dealer to run me into Exeter centre to do a bit of shopping.

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