Rapid charging the Mk2 Leaf

Having had our new Leaf just a few days I wasn’t expecting to be rapid charging quite this soon but I had to drive to Exeter today and so a rapid charge was needed.

Basically the charge was about the same as with charging the old Leaf but there were a few small differences.

Firstly, it seemed faster. Not by much but it seemed to me that the charge rate didn’t drop off quite so quickly as with the old car. This might simply be because the battery is new but nonetheless, it was nice to see.

The second interesting point was that the percentage state of charge on the charger and the percentage on the car actually tied up pretty well along with the SOC on LeafSpy. I charged to the stop point at 80% and the car read 81% with LeafSpy showing 80%. This is very welcome because the 10% difference between the car and the charger with the old car was quite confusing.

Finally, 80% was 223 GIDS. On the old car this was just 205 GIDS so this now means that I can drive to or from Exeter services without needing a top up past 80%… much quicker and also better for the battery.

So there you are. Rapid charging the new Leaf is a little quicker and a little easier now that they have fixed the discrepancy in the SOC between charger and car.

More as I build up the miles…

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