Round Britain Event Delayed

It is wonderful when a plan comes together and things just slot into place. This is not one of those plans!

I had planned to drive me Nissan Leaf electric car Round Britain in a few weeks to promote EVs (electric vehicles) and show everyone that having an EV means that I am always running out of power and cannot drive my car more than 30 miles from home… as Top Gear would have everyone believe. As you can imagine, this trip would cost a bit given that I would be 9 days away from home and there would be accommodation and other expenses, and so I have been seeking sponsorship.

Well due to the requirements of my chosen sponsor and my own personal circumstances I have decided to delay this Round Britain event until next spring.

In a way I am a little disappointed. I wanted to get this message out loud and clear while the Top Gear misinformation was still clearly on people’s minds. But delaying has its benefits. It will allow better planning and may be some additional objectives could be inserted into the schedule along with better publicity and exposure.

However, this does not mean that I will be staying at home! I have a trip to Gateshead coming up mid Spetember which will see me take my Nissan Leaf 920 miles in just 4 days. So watch this space!

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