RTW: Day 1: LGW Lounge

Finally it starts!

The trip from Plymouth to Gatwick was uneventful but not the most comfortable from Reading. My knees hurt! Nevertheless, I am in the Gatwick BA lounge and all is excellent!

Fast track security was empty… about 5 minutes to the lounge from entering the airport! Is that a record?

The lounge is pretty quiet. Staff seem superb, Castelnau bubbly is on free-flow and like the champagne, I am finally chilled.

This is one of the best BA business lounges I have been in. Of the ones I have tried so far all are pretty good but none are truly outstanding but the food here is very passable and the view of the airport engaging.

Tasty Salad and Castelnau champagne in BA lounge LGW

I had a very fresh mixed salad with Moroccan chickpea salad. The hot food looked pretty good too but I plan to eat later so gave it a miss.

LGW departure queue from BA lounge

The flight departs 15.35 and arrives Málaga 19.30 (local).

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