RTW: DAY 2: Where are the spirits?

On BA and other airlines I have flown with the selection sometimes of wines but always of spirits is quite extensive particularly in the lounges but also on the flights. Finnair seem to only have a small selection in both. This is about the size of it:

Not much of a selection in my opinion. Perhaps this might be understandable on board but the lounge wasn’t any better.

At least there was champagne on board… perhaps it was available in the lounge on request and if so there were no signs to say so that I saw.

Am I being unreasonable to expect more choice particularly in the lounge?

One thought on “RTW: DAY 2: Where are the spirits?”

  1. Hope the stay in Delhi was kind to you and your in good shape to take on the next leg. Enjoying reading the travelogue here in wet’n’windy Callington.

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