RTW: DAY 3/4: Delhi Hotel

I am staying at the Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport hotel. It is situated about 3 miles from the airport near a location called Aerocity which is a grand name for an area of 8 or so, international, hotels near the airport. Aerocity is kind of shut off from the encroachment of the rest of Delhi which, from the drive yesterday, seems to envelop everything here. The Radisson Blu isn’t actually inside Aerocity but is on the main road just south and so it is that the Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport is an oasis of calm inside where all hell seems to be braking out around outside its perimeter.

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

I made a decision not to venture out into the city so that I didn’t risk the rest of the trip and just walking outside the lobby at the front tells me that if I want to rest then I made the right decision. There is an all-consuming “buzz” of activity and traffic noise with the overriding sounds of car horns; the “beep, beep beep, beep” continuously sounding without respite. I get the feeling from the little time I have been here that a lot of Indian city life is like that. It would make for a very interesting (albeit, exhausting I expect) visit another time! I have spent no time at all here and not even left the hotel grounds but I have already got a very small (and I accept blinkered) window on steet-life in Delhi just from what I have seen and heard. I didn’t take this photo but I saw sights very similar to it on the short drive from the airport.

Delhi Steet-Life : Image by Rhiannon from Pixabay

The Radisson Blu Plaza hotel, as you would expect, is a large, international hotel and as such it has quality but, nevertheless, a generic, feel.


The lobby is large and spacious and there are “bell boys” carrying luggage everywhere. Security is tight to get in with checks on vehicles entering the grounds and the x-raying of luggage before entering the lobby.

Pool & Spa

The hotel has a nice, free-form, pool, a spa with sauna, steam-room and Jacuzzi and several top-quality restaurants. (more on those later). I did spend a very relaxing hour in the sauna/Jacuzzi and it has helped my aches tremendously. It is not new but it is clean and relaxing nonetheless.


My room was large with a huge shower with rain head and a office work-area with desk. It is all very “Radisson Blu” but I like it. It makes for a very comfortable stay. Notice the rather strange glass wall from the room into the bathroom!

The Great Kabab Factory Restaurant

Last night I eat in The Great Kabab Factory Restaurant inside the hotel. It is an indian restaurant with a difference. They serve a range of Indian kebabs (don’t think Turkish kebab… think Indian kebab as you would typically get as starters in an Indian restaurant in the UK). The food is “all you can eat” but it is served to you by waiters in a continuous stream of delights a dish as a time. If you want more you just ask and they brink it to you. The quality of this restaurant is second to none and although it is quite expensive (even by UK standards) it is worth every rupee! I highly recommend it is you enjoy top-quality Indian food.

Breakfast in the NYC Restaurant

After sleeping for 12 hours without waking I felt ready to face breakfast – Delhi style! Of course, there was all the normal breakfast fare of sausages, eggs and omelettes etc, cereal and fruit but I made a bee-line for the Indian dishes. Various curries, rice and other delights awaited. I tried them all! I would have breakfast like this every day if I return. Sure beats the remains of last night’s Jalfrazi take-away!

Breakfast Delhi-Style

Today I am doing some more relaxing before the journey resumes this evening. My flight to Kuala Lumpur departs late, at 11.05pm, and I have a late check-out here for mid-afternoon but that means a lot of time at the airport so I will next post from there… hopefully from the lounge if they let me through security early.

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