RTW: Day 7: Tokyo to New York

It was only yesterday when I left Tokyo… or was it? Travelling across the International Date Line plays havoc with your body clock and sense of time.

JAL Lounge

This was quite a good lounge but the food was a little strange. Not just that there were Japanese choices but the normal, English type choices of sausages, scrambled eggs etc were strange in their own right. It didn’t bother me… I had curry!

I really liked the telephone booths and yes, people used them.

Boarding JL6

Normally I wouldn’t mention boarding unless something unusual happened and this time it did. While in the Business Class line my name was called over the tannoy. They had to call it twice… you aren’t listening out for your name and I missed it first time. I left the line (which was now quite long by that stage) and went up to the desk. They needed to check my visa. When I returned to the line I went to join at the back but one of the Japan Airlines staff beckoned me forward to retake my original place. How good was that.

JAL B777-300ER Seat 10K

The general impression of the business cabin is that it is rather dated and tight with a 2-3-2 format with the seats slightly staggered to allow for the feet. However, all seats had direct access to the aisle. The first thing I noticed was the massive screen. It must have been 24″. But it was quite a long way away from my eyes so it needed to be a bit bigger than normal. In fact, it was so far away I could touch it and had to interact with it through the remote.

Storage was adequate but difficult. The main storage was behind my head under a netting. This made getting at anything in flight a bit of a struggle or I had to get out of the seat.

I don’t do many selfies but one crept in there!

Service and Food

Service was excellent albeit a little too enthusiastic to please at times. I had the Japanese menu and it was both tasty and visually interesting. However, there was a lot of fish, mostly raw, and although I like it I found so much of it rather overwhelming, especially an hour or two later! Next time I’ll have the Western Meal. The sake was particularly enjoyable.

Flight Length

The flight was over 13 hrs. This is by far the longest flight I have done and to be honest it was OK. I watched 2 films, had a nice meal and dozed for several hours. The seat in bed mode was comfortable enough. I would do it again but I am now quite apprehensive about a flight from London to Singapore which I have booked in Economy. How will I feel about 13hrs in Economy? mmm…

New York

Arrival into New York was quick and painless. I have a B1/B2 visa and so used the automatic gates, whizzed through customs and was on the train to the cit all inside 30 mins! Incredible.

I had 10 hrs to my flight to London so I took the time to jump on the subway to World Trade Centre to see the 9/11 Memorial Museum. A bit harrowing but interesting and worth the visit.

Then back to JFK, in the lounge to await boarding of BA172.

Another very tiring 24hrs with little sleep and that probably won’t improve on the flight to London as I am in World Traveller Plus (Avios reward flight so cost next to nothing!).

That then will be the end of the Round the world in 8 days trip. I will do one more post about tonight’s flight, especially as it is the first flight I will have done not in business class for some time. It will be interesting to see how I fare.

Tomorrow I am staying at Heathrow and the following day flying to Gibraltar to meet with a bunch of people from the Flyer Talk forum, then back to London on Sunday and back home, very tired but one happy bunny.

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