RTW: Day 8: Last Day JFK – LHR

Well, I arrived at JFK tired and somewhat emotional. This was the last leg about to start and it had taken so much planning and I was so excited in the build-up that I found it quite emotional that this was now the last leg.

The special fare from Malaysian Airlines only took me to New Yourk so I booked a British Airways rewards flight with Avios to get me home but as I didn’t have enough Avios to go business class I was booked in World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy). I have not previously considered it worth the extra to fly WTP with BA but as this was the final leg and all my previous flights were business class I decided to splash out on WTP and remind myself if it is worthwhile.

Short answer: No it isn’t in my opinion.

JFK Lounge

On return from my trip to visit the 9/11 Memorial in the city I checked in quickly and went to the lounge. Initial thoughts are that it is a massive disappointment! Considering that JFK is one of BA’s busiest routes the lounge is way too small and the food and drink offering again, disappointing. There were almost no seats unoccupied and some people were out of luck! After being refused entry to the restaurant (not flying in business class) I got a plate of pasta from the buffet. That was about it for the hot food. There were snacks and sandwiches but in my opinion this is inadequate for a lounge at JFK.

No pics sorry. The lounge was simply too busy.

The Flight and WTP Seat 34A

Boarding was underway when I arrived at the gate but was quick and uneventful.

My seat, 34A, was a standard WTP window seat. I settled in think that this wasn’t going to be so bad. It is a fairly short flight (5:30hrs) so I am sure I can manage that. I struggled.

These were the issues:

  • There was a In-Flight Entertainment” box under the seat in front. This required me to have my right leg pushed out the right and almost into the space of the person sitting next to me or else pushed to the left so I was sitting wonky in the seat. I found it better pushed left but after an hour or so the constant slight sideways pressure on my knees started making them hurt. They hurt for the rest of the flight.
  • There was no drinks service either before the meal or after. I realise I could ask but I don’t like to interrupt the crew when they are preparing the food service.
  • The dinner, when it came, was one of the the, if not the, worse in-flight food I have even had. It was a chicken dish with a bright orange sauce that made me feel ill to look at and to smell. I had to endure the smell of it in the cabin through the meal service. It was not pleasant and all that without a drink to drown my sorrows!
  • Sleep was impossible. The seat is so far away from the window that I couldn’t even lean against the wall and the seat head support is almost non-existent.
  • 1:15 hrs from landing the lights came on and the crew came round with little boxes and a napkin. I wondered what these things were and then I watched other people opening up the end and eating the contents. The box contained a breakfast wrap. I opened it up to be met with a smell equally as bad as the one at dinner and yet another bright orange bit of so-called food. I put it straight back in the box and handed it back to the crew as soon as they came round collecting rubbish.

Without any doubt in my mind, this is the worst flight I have taken in a very long time. It was particularly upsetting that it was this flight that marked the end of my trip. It would have been good to end on a high.

So there you are. Round the World in 8 Days. I have enjoyed it hugely and although I was so tired afterwards I feel it has been worth every penny and every hour spent in the planning and the build up. I will not fly WTP again. If I can’t fly Club World for some reason then I will stick with World Traveller and save the money. WT will not be better but it is a lot cheaper!

Would I do it again? Well, Hell yes! In fact, I have another Teir Point run booked for next month, leaving on 14th April going

London (LHR) – Bucharest (OTP) – London (LHR) – New York (JFK) – Los Angeles (LAX) – Phoenix (PHX) and return.

I will be blogging that trip too so why not follow that too.

PS I cancelled the trip to Gibraltar for personal reasons. So I am now at home trying to catch up on sleep!

Thank you to everyone for following.

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