RTW: T-3: British Airways Theoretical Seating

3 days now to my first flight from London Gatwick (LGW) to Málaga (AGP). My flight departs LGW at 3.35pm and so this afternoon, at 3.35pm, it will be 72 hours prior to my flight… or T-72 (take-off minus 72 hrs) as is commonly used. With British Airways, at T-72 the control of the ticket passes from the Amadeus airline reservation system to BA’s departure control system called FLY. Within FLY there is a module called “Theoretical Seating” which tries to make available the best seats to passengers based on their OneWorld/BAEC status (Emerald, Sapphire, Gold, Silver etc).

I won’t try to explain this process as corporate-wage-slave on flyertalk.com has done this already and he can explain it way better than me…

Description of Theoretical Seating with examples

So, the seat map can change from T-72. Some seats that were blocked become available depending on who is sitting where and who is trying to reserve the seat. This means that from T-72 it is worth checking the seating map to see if better seats have become available to you giving you the opportunity to change seats. Of course, the higher your status the more options you will have so there is no guarantee that you will find a better seat… but it might be worth a look!

I’ll be checking the seating on my LGW-AGP flight this afternoon but on this particular flight it looks pretty full and I have a good seat anyway so I probably won’t be changing.

The only other BA flight I have on the trip is JFK-LHR and I shall check the seat map of that flight 3 days before.

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