RTW: T-5: Luggage

Less than a week to go and so I am starting to think about packing and the first consideration is whether to try to do this trip with only hand baggage. I am away for about 10 days (7 days for the RTW and 3 days for a trip to Gibraltar immediately after – more on that later!). 10 days is perfectly possible with hand baggage especially as I am spending most of my time on aeroplanes. The question is: do I want to try?

I have a standard “rollalong” case suitable for hand baggage but I also want to take my rucksack. I can’t take both. I am allowed a second piece of hand baggage but it has to be more laptop case sized and my rucksack certainly is bigger. I could try to take both into the cabin and I am sure that on many occasions I would succeed but it is against the rules and there is a chance, a good chance on one or two of the flights, that I will be asked to check in the rollalong. If I am going to have to check in my case anyway I might as well not try to take it hand baggage and commit to checking a bag for the entire trip. This should be fine as I have no tight connections so I won’t be in a rush and can easily wait for the baggage at the carousel.

So, with that in mind I have decided to only take my rucksack as hand baggage and check in the case and if I am doing that I could take a bigger case and have no restrictions regarding sharps etc. I will also have a bit of space for a pressie or two should I see anything.

So that is the decision made today… I take a medium-sized suitcase and my rucksack… now I can start packing!

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