Sally Laid to Rest

It has been 14 months now since Sally’s funeral and during that time her urn has been in the dining room waiting for me to decide what to do. We hadn’t discussed what she wanted done with her ashes and so I wanted to do something she would have wanted – a while back I found the answer… burial at sea.

Sally and me on our hovercraft on the River Tamar

Sally has always loved the water. Either being close to it, in it or on it.

One of the reasons we moved to the west country was to be close to the sea and Sally always loved walking on the beach or just being in sight of the sea.

For many years Sal and I were scuba divers. We were always dive buddies and we both absolutely loved it. Not only did it, more often than not, mean a boat trip (always welcomed!) but to be in amongst the fishes and coral (we always dived in warm waters). We were both saddened when she had to stop because of her health.

Sally after a dive in the Maldivesstop because of her health.

Then there was our various boats. What was the point of living so close to such a great marine playground as Plymouth if we didn’t have a boat and we had boats for most of our time in Saltash, again, while her health permitted.

So it seemed highly appropriate that she should be laid to rest at sea and now that I have my own boat again that is what I would do.

The weather was super today and so today was the day. She always loved Whitsand Bay, both when we were out in the boat and also when walking on the coastal path and so I decided to drop her off near the wreck of the Scilla. This is in the middle of the bay and has wonderful views and, rather sentimentally, it would mean that she would have the company of the many scuba divers that dive the wreck.

Sally performing the re-naming ceremony for our friends boat – it had to be done properly!
What a wonderful place to be forever!

I purchased a biodegradable urn made of a beautiful pink rock salt and had her ashes transferred yesterday ready for her last journey today. So at 8am this morning, with the sun shining and a warm breeze, I took her out to Whitsand Bay for the last time and in an appropriate spot (not too close to the wreck!) I dropped her overboard into the 20m of water and said good bye to my beautiful Sally for the last time. I cried. Of course I cried. She was my wife, my colleague and my best friend for over 20 years… who wouldn’t? But it was all good. She will be happy there and I will know where she is too.

I feel now that I can properly move on. I have a wonderful new wife and best friend in Tracy and we are setting up our lives together by selling my house and buying one together. Again, this seems the right time now Sal is finally laid to rest; this house was really for her and so now I feel that it is right to sell. More on this once we have somewhere to buy…

Rest in Peace Sal

Typical scene when diving or snorkelling in the Maldives
Bye Bye Sal

2 thoughts on “Sally Laid to Rest”

  1. Goodbye to a brave, lovely lady. Good choice of resting place Paul. Sally would have approved.
    Feeling a bit sad.

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