So far, so good

After 2 days of immersing myself in Azure (yuk!), I decided that this is definitely the way for me to go as far as my web server is concerned and so I have now transferred all of my web sites that were hosted with Heart Internet to Azure.

Yes, it might cost a bit more (although until I have had the system for a full month I won’t really know just how much more) but the entire process of commissioning VMs, deploying apps, running backups etc is so flexible and easy that it will make the admin much easier and much more scalable once I start to get more customers. The Heart Internet way is fine when your workload is known and pretty stable but with a growing business flexibility is key… Azure gives that flexibility.

So watch this space for more info on what I am doing but for now I am just going to let things settle and see how it works out. I have the Heart Internet VM still available and ready to go should I have issues and that will remain for at least 6 months so there is little risk in all this.

2 thoughts on “So far, so good”

  1. Hi Dave. Indeed. I didn’t know anyone else using it either.

    There are lots of options now for cloud computing. Probably I wouldn’t have gone with Azure if I wasn’t an MSDN subscriber and I get credits. Having said that I still think I would stick with it even without the credits. It makes running a scalable system very easy and it takes the worry out of whether systems will be resilient and responsive.

    What do you use it for?

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