Solar Installation

The system was installed on Tuesday. Overall the installation went well except that it took them longer than expected. This meant that it was dark by the time they connected it all up and so it could not be tested.

The next day, when the sun came up, the system did not fire up. They were due to return Friday but the weather has not been cooperative and it snowed on Friday so the system is still not working. They hope to get back next week or the week after weather permitting.

It is frustrating to have the modules installed on the roof and it not producing any electricty.

I was surprised that they did the install without scaffolding. They carried each module up to the roof on the shoulder, climbing a ladder. I am not at all certain that this conformed to the Working at Height regulations but that was not my call!

For those that understand these matters… The array has been configured as a single string of 10 modules giving working voltage of about 300VDC at 8A. Given our shading issues I would have imagined that we would have been better off with 2 string of 5. Solar Europe are insisting that the one string would give us more power over the year as a whole but I am not so sure. I have asked them to provide us with the prediction figures for a single string and for a 2 string configuration.

We ordered a Wi-Fi logging system. However, Solar Europe have decided not to supply that and instead have just supplied us with a radio monitoring system. This is not what we ordered and so we are still talking to them regarding the Wi-Fi logging. I have found a logging system which we could use as an alternative but it is about £300 and I have to buy it from Canada so it isn’t ideal.

Nonetheless, it is looking good and we cannot wait to get it up and running now.

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