Solar Investigation is underway

After the initial research we have decided to push ahead with getting a quote for our solar project.

The first step was to visit a neighbour that has just had an installation of PV (photovoltaic) panels. These are panels that create electricity rather than the panels that just heat your water. His installation was completed 2 weeks ago and he is now fully up and running. We visited him on a sunny morning and when we arrived his system was generating about 1.5kw. The sun went in a few times during which the generated power dropped to 300w. Clearly this system works very well. It is a 14 panel system and using the new “feed in tariff” he is now earning 41p per kw/h generated plus he is saving on his electricity bill if he uses the power generated at the time.

We are having someone from the company that installed his system to do a quote for us next week.

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